NJ CPAC Leadership

Executive Board Officers

Lorene S. Wilkerson
Middlesex County

Lorene S. Wilkerson has led NJ CPAC since 2013 after briefly serving as an executive board member and vice chair of the board. She was chair of the NJ CPAC Program Committee for five years. She has guided the NJ CPAC board through the completion of a new training program for CPR board volunteers initiated by her former predecessor, William T. Noll, and increased strategic engagement with larger audiences and expanded partnerships. In collaboration with the Legislative Chair, Eunice I. Salton, Lorene was instrumental in amending the CPR Act to change the timeframe for the initial CPR review from 45 days to 60 days, and in increasing the membership of the NJ Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect to include NJ CPAC. Lorene is a member of the Children in Court Improvement Committee (CICIC) and its Race Equity Subcommittee, and a member of the NJ Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect and its Protection Subcommittee. She had a 34-year career with what is now the Division of Child and Protection Permanency, where she held positions as caseworker, supervisor, policy writer, disciplinary hearing officer and employee relations coordinator before her retirement. She is a seasoned volunteer. Before joining the Middlesex County board in 2011, she volunteered for the Hyacinth Foundation and a literacy group.

Vice Chair
Eunice I. Salton
Middlesex County

Eunice I. Salton has served on NJ CPAC since 2011 and in 2013 was elected as vice chair. She also serves as chair of the Legislative Committee, Ambassador Program and Program Committee. As the chair of the Legislative Committee, she was instrumental in changing the timeframe of CPR reviews under the CPR Act. Eunice mediates in New York State Civil Courts, New York State Community Dispute Resolution Centers, NJ Middlesex County municipal courts and the New York Federal Executive Board Shared Neutrals Program. In her work with Mediators Between Borders International she serves as Liaison to the United Nations and participates in the United Nations Multilateral Working Group. She has previously held executive positions in finance, publishing and advertising and currently sits on several nonprofit boards.

Mary (Twinkie) Polizzi
Bergen County

Mary "Twinkie" Polizzi has served on the NJ CPAC Executive Board since 2018. She joined the Bergen County CPR board to apply her expertise and understanding of the problems faced by families in distress and to support the Courts in their efforts to achieve permanency for children. She was a Life Skills Coordinator for 16 to 21-year-old youth at the Paterson Coalition for Housing who were aging out of the division. She also served as a Life Skills Coordinator for homeless families at the Catherine Rowe Transitional Housing.

Adele Polomski
Ocean County

Adele Polomski was elected as Secretary in 2017. She also serves on the Communications Committee and as Secretary for the NJ CPAC Partners Moving Forward Committee. She is also a mediator for the Ocean County court system. In 2015 the Judiciary presented her with the Ocean County Volunteer Award for her contributions to the Ocean County CPR board. She is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and has published more than 20 mystery stories.

Executive Board Members

Lila Bernstein *
Morris County
Ummil-Khair Sameerah Lewis-Diaab
Somerset County
Ronald Keith England
Essex County
Judith (Judy) Foley
Salem County
Michael (Mike) Krasner *
Union County
Sandra Wilson Moss, Esq., MSW
Passaic County
Mary Parham
Middlesex County
Frank E. Petrucci *
Essex County

Emeritus Executive Board Members

Connie D. Jenkins-Buwa
Union County
William (Bill) T. Noll *
Monmouth County
Susan Rodgers *
Mercer County

Honorary Executive Board Members

Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong
Shiloh Baptist Church
Greg Rapport
Age-Out Angels Foundation & Radio Hour

* Former NJ CPAC officer.