Children Aging Out of Foster Care

We are much more than cute, cuddly babies and adorable toddlers holding bunnies.

Statistics and data available in our annual reports reveal some disheartening facts: for children in out-of-home placement the prospect of growing up in a permanent home becomes increasingly slim with each passing year and nearly negligible five years after the child’s removal from the home.

As a result, each year hundreds of New Jersey teenagers age out of foster care when they reach the age of 18. Without the benefit of family and community support systems their risks for homelessness and human trafficking are at much higher rates than the general population.

This is why our mission also encompasses making sure that every young person at risk of leaving foster care without achieving the goal of permanency receives necessary support to transition to adulthood.

For more than a decade, CPAC has been working with various organizations like the Rutgers’ Child Advocacy Clinic to help inform teens who are aging out of their rights to request and receive continuing services and resources from the DCP&P and community organizations up to the age of 21 – even after they decide to opt out at age 18.